Insurance Designed for Renters

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Why Homebrella?

Competitive Prices

No need to work extra hours to get renters insurance. At Homebrella, prices starting from €4/month!

Non-Binding Contract

Most insurance contracts in France last for a year. At Homebrella we don’t force you to stay. If you need or want to leave, it’s up to you!

No Stress No Jargon

Everything is explained in a clear and simple way in your contract – which by the way is 3 times shorter than elsewhere!

Flatshares Covered

Just add in the number of roommates you have and you’ll all be protected by our all-inclusive contract! Yes, that includes renters’ risks and personal liability!

Protect your mobile devices 📱 Choose the tech extension to insure your beloved devices, for only €5/month.
Are you working from home? We adapt 💻 Homebrella adapts its prices for those who work from home. Tailor-made prices: check!
No time for cleaning? 😅 We'll clean your place free of charge (up to 2 hours per year)!
Just call the assistance number mentioned in your contract.
Want to get your deposit back? 💰 Cautioneo, our exclusive partner, helps you to do so. Subscription online!