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Our Mission

At Homebrella, we wanted to make renters’ lives easier. This is why we created a home insurance offer 100% tailored to renters.

How did we do it? We looked at the market, assembled and studied statistics, but mostly we wondered ‘what would I want and need as a renter?’ And – because we’re renters ourselves – answers came quickly and naturally.

Our product owner Ana knew right away she wanted a clear and protective cover. She found that French insurers didn’t make it easy for her when she first came over – she’s from Albania – and she couldn’t choose between the plethora of coverage options. So we decided we’d pick just the essential guarantees you need and you’d want to have in your contract. Only two offers to choose from (our full tier and our saver tier), no hassle.
Thanks to our focus on a renters-only product, Vincent – our Mr Pricing – could work on an adjusted and fair pricing with no extra cost. With Homebrella, you pay for your own risk, not your neighbour’s. We believe that matters.
And finally, life is full of unexpected events, especially as a young renter. This means being bound by one-year contracts isn’t quite adapted to our lifestyles. Henry, our CEO from L.A., struggled with this many times after moving to Paris for the first time. This led us to create the first completely non-binding renters’ insurance in France. Now, for those who want flexibility or just need insurance for a few months, no more hassle and annoying paperwork. You can cancel in a heartbeat by just emailing or calling us… though we’re confident that you’ll choose to stay 😉

Where Does Homebrella Come From?

Yes – we are new but we are backed by a solid company, one of Europe’s biggest insurance companies which has more than 6 million customers worldwide: Admiral Group.

Admiral was created more than 25 years ago in the UK. Its founders wanted to shake up the world of insurance and offer Brits – and later Europeans – a cheaper insurance that would be a better fit for customers.

A few years down the line, Homebrella is continuing along that same path… We hope you’ll like it!

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