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Cancellation of your household contracts: what are your rights as a renter?

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An important law was established in France in 2015 which aims to make consumers’ lives easier. The “Loi Consommation” law, also referred to as “Loi Hamon”, has reduced insurance contracts binding period to only one year.

Reasons and delays for cancelling your home insurance contract

You can terminate your home insurance contract for various reasons. Here are the most common ones:

  • The contract period is coming to an end
  • A change in your situation

You may also not have a particular reason and just be curious to compare insurance prices to save money.

You can ask your insurer to cancel your policy fairly easily and always for free.

Two ways to cancel your policy:

  • Send a letter by post with recorded delivery at least two months before the end date of the contract.
  • Wait for the renewal date of the contract and ask your new insurer to cancel your old policy for you. This is what the Loi Hamon law provides for.
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Your cancellation request should be sent before the renewal date if you don’t want to carry on paying for your current insurance as its renewal is automatic.

But don’t worry, your insurer is legally bound to send you a renewal notice with all the information you need to cancel your contract if you want to.

Cancellation letter templates

In most cases for traditional insurers you’ll need to send your cancellation letter by registered post with recorded delivery. Below are some templates you can use: 👇

Energy and water contracts: what are the delays to cancel?

End your energy contract

Few people know it: energy contracts are all non-binding and can thus be cancelled at any time for free, no matter the start date or the reason for cancellation.
So if you’re moving or want to change providers for whatever reason, just contact them by telephone, or send a cancellation request by email or post.

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Remember to do a meter reading and send it to your provider so they know exactly what you have spent and so they can send you the correct bill.

To avoid moving in and being in the dark and unable to take a shower after carrying your whole life on your back, you should always think of calling the provider a few days before you move in, so they set up all the contracts for move in day – or a few days before just in case!

End your water contract

  • In a house: once you’ve done the meter reading, you’ll have to contact the company in charge of water in your city/town.
  • In a collective building/property: in most cases, you won’t have anything to do as the syndicate of co-owners is responsible for the water contract. If that’s not the case, you should follow the same process as for an individual property.