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Is civil liability mandatory in France?

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Often included in your home insurance policy, civil liability covers you for damages caused to others. What is it exactly? We’ll explain everything.

What is civil liability? 🤔


As defined by French law, civil liability is the obligation to compensate damages caused unintentionally to other people. These actions have to result from negligence or imprudence to be taken into account by your insurer.

Who? What? Where?

With civil liability insurance, your insurer is in charge of compensating physical, material and immaterial damages caused to a third party.

  • People insured
    Civil liability insurance covers the policyholder, as well as all those who are living under their roof (including children and adults).
  • Damages covered
    Civil liability insurance covers material and immaterial damages caused to a third party. For instance, if you unintentionally push someone on the street and they break their arm as a result, your insurance will cover the damages. Also, if their phone screen is broken in the process, your insurance will also cover that!
  • Places where you are covered
    Civil liability is often limited to the French territory, but some policies also cover you abroad.
    Before going abroad, make sure you are properly covered by your insurance. Also check the amount of time your insurer will cover you abroad. Often, the limit is three months for policies that cover you worldwide (the most common duration of trips outside the European Union).
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Bear in mind that some countries may be excluded, such as countries at war. In some countries, you may also be asked to provide a special certificate for civil liability and assistance.

Civil liability never (ever!) covers… ⚠️

  • Intentional damages
    Your insurer doesn’t have to take action if you cause damage intentionally to someone else. If the insured person does something on purpose and is aware of their actions, the act is considered as intentional.
  • Professional activities
    Damages caused in a professional environment are not covered by civil liability.
  • Damage done to oneself or to close relatives
    Civil liability only covers damages caused to third parties, meaning people living in your home (spouse, kids, grandparents…) are excluded.
  • Damages caused by dogs considered as dangerous
    You will need to request a warranty extension to cover potential damages.
  • Damages caused by a motor vehicle
    The owner of the car that caused damages is covered by their car insurance.
  • Items entrusted to you
    Very few contracts cover loaned or rented objects.

How do I know if I am well covered? 🙆‍♀️

Types of insurance that cover civil liability

  • Home insurance
    Most of the time civil liability insurance is included in your home insurance policy. It’s possible you already have this insurance without even knowing it!
  • Car insurance
    This type of insurance includes specific coverage for civil liability which is limited to damages caused to others on the roads.
  • School insurance
    This insurance typically covers children’s liability.
  • Club insurance
    This coverage is included when you join a gym or sports club. It covers you whilst you’re working out.

In which case is civil liability mandatory?

In France, civil liability insurance is mandatory for renters. It is very important that you take a home insurance policy that covers both rental risks and personal liability.
Once you’ve taken your policy, you’ll receive two certificates: one for renters liability and the other one for personal civil liability.
The latter could be needed for administrative stuff, such as school requirements for your children or accepting an internship.

What about Homebrella? ☂️

Civil liability insurance is included in your Homebrella contract!
Don’t worry, once you take our renters insurance policy, you and the people living under your roof are automatically protected. Regardless of the option you’ve chosen (both Eco or EasyLoc’ have it included).

Why choose Homebrella?

  • Your roommates (those mentioned in your Homebrella quote) are also covered. No need for separate contracts!
  • Planning to go abroad for a weekend or a holiday? Our civil liability covers you up to three months beyond the French borders.

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