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2019 vs 2020: what has changed at work in 5 images!

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In the style of Vahram Muratyan and his famous "Paris vs New York", we had fun comparing the work between 2019 and 2020. To close our remote work file, here are in 5 pictures, what has changed in our work habits!

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to say goodbye to 2020! In many ways, the Covid-19 has turned our lives upside down and we’ve had to learn to live with it. In particular, we learned to work differently (as best we could), we rediscovered our apartments and we had to find a way to make professional and personal life cohabit in the same space.

Today, we offer you 5 images that we believe reflect the work in 2020.

1. The office 💼

No more open space, place for improvised offices. If some of us have an office dedicated to remote work, for many of us, it was necessary to deal with the existing one. Are you more coffee table, dining room table or just working on the bed?

2. The meetings 📈

The face-to-face meetings have given way to video conferences with WIFI hazardous. However, this has allowed us to reduce the amount of useless talking, since the meetings are 20% shorter than before!

3. The afterworks 🎉

We also had to adapt our afterworks between colleagues. No more Happy Hour, awkward Karaoke or Blind Test, instead we switched to, Among Us or Werewolf.

4. Coffee breaks ☕️

Breaks have also changed. No more gossiping around the coffee machine, the break consists mainly of a round trip from the office to the kitchen to make a coffee. It’s no surprise to find that when you’re working from home, you work 48.5 minutes longer!

5. How to get there 🚌

The construction works, the incidents, the rush hour, the passive-aggressive atmosphere… Well, clearly, we don’t miss public transports. We have extended our nights, taken time off for other activities, reduced our stress related to transportation. Working from home has its downsides, not having to take the subway is not one of them.

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