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Renters : How to improve your rental application with an online cosigner

Finding the right accommodation is unfortunately not the end of it...The challenge now is to convince your landlord that you’re THE best tenant. No worries we’ve got you the right solution for you!

A good cosigner will boost your profile 


The cosigner is legally responsible for the tenant’s behavior. In other words, they promise to pay the rent if the tenant can’t.

In French this is called “la caution solidaire”.

Nowadays it is more and more common that landlords have to deal with late or unpaid rents. As a result, landlords have become extremely picky about the tenants they choose.

If you want to rent a house or a flat you may need a cosigner to reassure the homeowner, to make your house hunting easier and to get your lease signed 🔑


The cosigner is not legally mandatory, but in most cases the landlord will ask for one ⚠️



Sometimes the homeowner will only ask for three months of rent as a bank security/guarantee. It’s like a backup if you don’t pay your rent!

But, in most cases you will have to add a warranty act to your file.

Not easy to find a French resident who agrees to have your back in case you need money….

Brand new solutions 🚀

To make sure you fill in all your landlord’s requirements by giving the best guarantee, we’ve find an innovative and online solution for you !

For those who can’t find the right cosigner, consider a “moral guarantor”: a 100% online, fast, easy and secure solution!


Cautioneo, the ultimate warranty solution

Before they can trust you owners and estate agencies need strong guarantees. To get through this we definitely need to boost your profile.

The “Passeport Garant” is the way to go for students, freelance workers or for those who do not have a permanent work contract.

It also allows agencies to have a larger panel of trustworthy candidates – like you – to recommend to owners!

Cautioneo also covers your default payment every month in case of personal issues.

On the one hand the renter has the guarantees he/she needs, on the other hand you have more chance to get your dream home!