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Short-Term Renters

07 / 01 / 19

Between holidays, studies, internships, and professional missions, there are plenty of reasons we sometimes need a temporary rental. And with each rental, the question of rental insurance comes up. Do I need to take rental insurance? Which type? Worry not, we’re here to help!

Rental for more than 90 days, mandatory insurance

Once a rental goes beyond three months, French law obliges renters to take home insurance. This allows the renter(s) to protect themselves financially against any damage they may cause to the property. Mainly, this makes landlords feel more secure about renting their properties.

In spite of this three month rule, home insurance contracts (like automobile and others) are nearly always for a period of one year. In other words, put a major headache on your calendar for the day you’ll move out and need to cancel the policy early.

Why take household insurance?

Beyond renters’ liability risks (water leaks, fire, explosions, etc.), French housing insurance also includes personal liability coverage, in case you cause any harm to others in your day-to-day life.

For example: you’re at your friend’s place and you knock over an art piece that cost 1 000€. With the personal liability coverage on your rental insurance contract, your insurer pays your friend for the damages. Keep in mind that this will likely come with a deductible (mainly used to discourage insurance abuse).

Which insurance should I take for my temporary rental?

Ideally, you’d want to take a no-committment insurance contract! If you’re in an internship, are temporarily rooming with someone or are on a professional deployment between 3 months and a year, there’s no better type of policy for you! With no engagement, you can simply cancel your policy on the way out the door.

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Be wary of insurers who claim to have no engagement contracts but actually oblige notification months in advance.

At Homebrella, you can cancel your contract at any moment with no cancellation fees (just note that inscription fees are not refundable), without sending any letters, and with no waiting period. You can end your policy as quickly as you opened it!

How to open or cancel a Homebrella policy?

Getting insured has never been easier:


Get a quote on our site (2 mins is enough!)


Purchase and sign your policy straight from the website, receive your documents in seconds


Want to cancel your policy? Send us a message at any time, and we’ll refund you the remaining amount on your contract within 30 days

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Renting for less than 90 days? No insurance needed

In these types of rentals, the renter is free to choose whether they’d like to take insurance. The landlord can of course require that their renter take an insurance, which would appear on the rental contract.

There are a few possibilities:

The renter is already insured (perhaps without knowing it!)

Two situations could lead to the renter being insured without knowing it:

·  Holiday insurance: careful of double coverage! It’s possible that a 3 month rental already be covered by a primary housing insurance contract. This is the case if there is a “Holiday Insurance” clause. In this case, no need to take a secondary insurance. The easiest way to find out is to contact your insurer and ask if this is included.

·  “For the benefit of whomsoever it may concern”: yes we’ll admit, the name is heavy. This type of clause found in French insurance contracts means the landlord has taken an insurance at your place. To know whether this is the case, simply ask your landlord before signing the rental agreement.

The renter takes no insurance

It is indeed up to you to decide whether you’d like to take renters insurance. However, keep in mind that you’ll have no protection in case of damage to your contents. You’ll also be responsible for any damage you cause to a third party. It would seem then advantageous to find temporary rental insurance adapted to this type of rental. You can:

Ask for an update to your current housing insurance to include “Holiday coverage”, though not all insurers propose this offer

Sign up for an insurance that works for below 90 days

The benefits of Homebrella

At Homebrella, we wanted to design insurance specifically for renters (like ourselves):

Much easier for rentals below a year
Fast and digital
No more wasting time visiting or calling your insurer.
Competitive price
Of course all is better with a better price!

All that said, finding a temporary home insurance should be as easy as pie! If you need, click below and obtain your quote in 2 minutes!