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Students & Young Renters

07 / 01 / 19

Moving far away from your parents place, what freedom!  Found a flat, everything seems pretty much ready when… last minute paperwork makes its entrance. Really, this is the “digital age” we were promised? Electricity contract (ok sure lights are kind of useful), official address changes (sure mail is nice), housing insurance… wait what? Must I?

Mandatory renters insurance

Indeed, when renting in France, be it furnished or not, student housing or not, everyone needs to take rental insurance, period. Renters insurance protects your home and your content against risks such as water leaks, fires, and much more.

You’ll need to be able to prove that your insured (with the famous “Attestation d’assurance) to your landlord or the rental agency when you pick up the keys, and likely each following year when you renew your rental.

Keep in mind: if something happens in your rental due to poor maintenance (other than maintenance your rental contract obliges like replacing worn out joints or cleaning calcium deposits) or due to poor construction, this will be for your landlord’s insurer to handle.

Focus on roommates: who needs which insurance?

If you or one of your roommates has renters’ liability coverage, it’s alright, you’re legal! ☺

First important point: what to do if there’s something to claim? It’s quite simple. If the issue is covered by your insurer, there will likely be a deductible to share between your roommates. If the issue isn’t covered, each roommate would need to pay a portion according to the percentage of the rent they pay.

Second important point: personal liability. If you accidently cause harm to another person or their belongings, you’ll need to compensate them financially (it’s the French way). Coverage against this risk is always included in your French household insurance contract, but might only apply to the individual who took the policy. With Homebrella, all roommates benefit from coverage against personal liability.

Choosing insurance: coverage vs. price?

My coverage

The minimum requirement is renters’ liability coverage. This covers any damage caused to the property in case of fire, water leaks, or explosions.

Beyond this, most housing insurances also include personal liability coverage to cover damages caused to others; all of these protections are grouped under the name MRH (multi-risk habitation).

This insurance typically covers: water leaks, fire and explosions, theft and vandalism (depending on the insurer), broken glass (again, depending on the insurer), weather events, natural or technological catastrophes, civil claim pursuits, and personal liability. Yes, it’s a lot!

Water damage
Glass breakage
Natural or technological disaster
Terrorist attacks
Legal fees (defence and appeal)
Personal and civil liability

My price

When signing up, you’ll also need to estimate the value of your content. Make sure to include everything (electronics, furniture, clothes, etc.) to avoid unpleasant surprises in the case of a claim.

Offers exist on the market for those less than 30 years old, or for less than three room properties, which can sometimes be a good deal. In any case, the average rental insurance policy should be around 200€ per year.

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If given the choice, annual payment is often a better deal than monthly payment.

Be careful as well about the length of your insurance contract, in case you plan to travel or relocate during the year. Once you’ve taken housing insurance, it’s virtually always a one year contract. Only a situation change (changing permanent address, new roommates, etc) and official proof can allow you to terminate the contract early.

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This isn’t the case with us however! Cancel your contract from anywhere, at any time, for any reason, with no cancellation fees.

With Homebrella

Look, we’ve all been there! Paying each month isn’t fun, especially for something we hope we’ll never actually have to use… but life is unpredictable! So when we created Homebrella, we made five promises:

A great price
A quick quote with clear and understandable terms
An online rental insurance: no extra paperwork
Be insured the same day
No engagement, cancel when you want

Plus, a few extra benefits to help make home feel a bit more like home:

Handyman service when moving into a new place (hanging frames, cover up stains, no worries, just call us and we’re on it)
Yearly apartment cleaning (2h to make it shine!)
Gadget insurance option (protect your electronics against theft and accidental damage wherever you are in the world)

Want to know your Homebrella quote? Have it in 10 questions right here!