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Remote work insurance: is it included in my home insurance?

13 / 11 / 20

How it works at Homebrella

Homebrella is the home insurance for renters and is 100% online, bringing together all the guarantees you need to live with peace of mind. We offer you two formulas that adapt to your needs and your budget:

  • our Eco tier – ideal for students and those running a bit tight on budget;
  • our EasyLoc’ tier – our full comprehensive insurance, perfect for young active people!

Our objective is to make your life easier while adapting to your lifestyle as well as possible. This is why we offer you a home insurance including remote work.

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How to benefit from it?

For our new customers whose professional situation allows it (employee, civil servant, freelance) you can inform your frequency of remote work on our webquoter and thus benefit from a discount of up to 10%.

Already customer?

You have the possibility to declare your remote work situation directly via our customer service available by chat, phone or email (client@homebrella.fr). A modification will be made on your contract and the new price will be readjusted over the remaining period of coverage.  Monthly customers will then see their monthly payments decreased. For those whose payment is annual, a refund will be made.Before getting to the main topic, here is what the Labor Code considers as remote working: “any form of work organization, in which work that could have been done on the employer’s premises is carried out by an employee outside these premises, on a regular and voluntary basis, using information and communication technologies within the work contract or an amendment to it”.

What insurance for home office?

First popularized with the digitalization of work instruments, then widespread with recent events such as health crises or transportation strikes, remote working is becoming a standard in today’s working world.However, this way of working involves new risks and new questions about insurance terms and conditions.

Are you well insured for remote working? Don’t panic, we give you all the keys to work from home with complete peace of mind.

Remote working: definition and implementation

What is it?

Before getting to the main topic, here is what the Labor Code considers as remote working: “any form of work organization, in which work that could have been done on the employer’s premises is carried out by an employee outside these premises, on a regular and voluntary basis, using information and communication technologies within the work contract or an amendment to it”.

Remote working is therefore considered as a work organization that concerns an employee activity, mainly office work, because it can be carried out remotely thanks to online solutions.


According to the article L1222-9 du Code du Travail, Remote working is defined by the employer within the remit of a collective agreement. It can also define its own remote worling charter after consultation with the social and economic committee, if one exists.

Regardless of the form, the document must contain the following information:

  • the conditions for switching to remote working (and returning to working in the company if necessary) ;
  • the conditions for the implementation of home office ;
  • the terms and conditions of time and workload management ;
  • the working hours of the employee during which he must be reachable by his employer.

If no home-working agreement or charter has been established in your company, don’t panic! It is also possible to resort to remote working by formalizing an agreement by any means between you and your employer.

Is home insurance enough to cover my professional activity?

I am an employee

If you are an employee, your home insurance and your employer’s professional or computer multi-risk insurance are perfectly suited to cover you in the event of professional damage. The first one will cover your civil liability in the event of damage to your personal equipment or home, while the second will compensate you if the damage concerns property supplied by your company.

I am self-employed

If you are a freelancer, your home insurance may cover you while you are home-working, but it will not be able to cover your professional liability. Indeed, you are only insured if you do not receive clients or partners at home and you use your personal equipment. In other cases, we can only advise you to subscribe to a professional insurance adapted to freelancers.

What does remote working insurance cover?

Do I need to insure equipment lent by my employer?

If you use the equipment provided by your employer (computer, headset, screen, phone…), in most cases, your company will have subscribed to a professional or computer multirisk insurance. It will therefore cover damage to this equipment.

It is also this same insurance that covers the employee in all matters relating to the protection of sensitive data.

Am I covered if I use my personal equipment?

If you are an employee and wish to use your own equipment for remote work, you are insured, as long as you have an insurance policy for your home. Unless your contract suggests otherwise, this is the one that will cover your equipment in the event of a claim. And in some home insurances, this involves civil liability. This coverage protects you, among other things, if you are legally responsible for property damage in your home.

Be careful, some organizations refuse to take charge of a full activity in remote work, it may be wise to contact your insurance company to find out how it is covered.

And in the event of a work accident?

In accordance with article L1222-9 of the Labor Code, you have the same rights as the employee who performs his or her work on the company’s premises. The coverage is therefore the same: your employer takes care of it and you will be compensated under the same conditions as a work-related accident that occurs in the company.

What is the attestation of remote work?

The telework attestation is a document delivered by your home insurance. It allows you to prove to your employer that you are well covered when you work from home, in ” remote work “.

When do I need it?

In normal times, your employer may ask you for this document whether you choose to work from home occasionally or on a permanent basis. And if you are self-employed, this same document can also be used to reassure your landlord if you are renting your home.

In exceptional circumstances, you may be forced to stay at home. In this case, you may have to work from home due to an external event beyond your employer’s control. Due to these exceptional measures, your company may ask you for an attestation of your insurance. This will then be valid for a specific period of time. For example, within the context of Covid-19, it will be active during all the duration of the measures taken by the Government.

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How to get it?

You must contact your insurance company which, in most cases, will send you your certificate by e-mail. If you currently have a home insurance with Homebrella, you can contact our customer service directly via our internet chat or at the following address: client@homebrella.fr

If you are not yet insured by Homebrella, it’s this way: start a quote