The tech extension

  • Insure your smartphones, laptops, game consoles, cameras...
  • Only 5€ / month
  • All your gadgets covered worldwide

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The tech extension

09 / 07 / 20

At Homebrella, we understand the drama involved in having your phone stolen or breaking your screen – protecting them will provide you with relief in the case of one of these unexpected catastrophes.

Here’s an explanation of what we have to offer in our new tech extension.

Which mobile devices are covered?

The tech extension protects all your mobile devices, and those of the people living with you, because we know how precious they are to you!

  • The essentials: smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches.
  • The fun stuff: portable gaming systems, headphones, speakers and nomadic docking stations.
  • The artistic: cameras, lenses, camcorders, and more.


What is covered by the tech extension?

Theft (by assault, by break in or by snatch and grab)
Accidental material damage
Accidental oxidisation
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The cover doesn’t apply:

  • in the event of loss
  • in the event of theft without assault or forced entry
  • in the event of an incident caused by negligence or intentional damage

For more information on what’s covered, please see our terms and conditions.

How does it work?

The tech extension is added straight to your home insurance contract, so in a single contract your home and mobile devices are protected.

Subscribing couldn’t be easier: in just a few clicks, all your devices are covered!


Get your Home Insurance quote by answering our 10 easy questions


At the end of the quote, select the option “Insure my mobile devices”


You will now be covered for catastrophes when your contract starts!
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Already a customer at Homebrella?
To add the tech extension to your existing contract – contact us by chat, email or phone and we’ll take care of it for you!

In the event of a claim…

As soon as a claim occurs, you need to report it online in the section for the tech extension (you will need your contract number to log in) or by phone on 09 69 32 14 38.

You will need to provide the following supporting documents in all cases:

  • The receipt for the purchase of the original device
  • The invoice detailing the insurance premium
  • A copy of your Homebrella Contract
  • A statement outlining the exact circumstances of the claim
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Our tech extension covers you worldwide however the diagnosis and repair of your device must be carried out in metropolitan France and your compensation must be in euros (€).